My Mozilla fans page

This page contains some link to information about greats Mozilla OpenSource Software, expecially FireFox, the browser.
Links to the major Mozilla products.
Get Firefox 1.0PR+ The Browser, Reloaded. Firefox empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, more safely and efficiently than any other browser, period. Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Firefox stands out ahead.
Thunderbird 0.8+ The e-mail and newsgroup client.
Camino 0.8 Beta The alternative Mac OS X browser to Mozilla and Firefox just got even better!
Mozilla Suite 1.8a4 Web-browser built for 2004, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple -- all your Internet needs in one application.
SunBird 1.1.1+ Stand-alone version of the calendar component avalaible as an extension to Firefox and ThunderBird

If you are interested on building yourself Mozilla follow the one of this link. I build it every day with the Ms Visual C Toolkit with optimization for the P4 processors. When my "serious" web site will go up, I'll start publishing this builds..
SiteDescription Official build instruction from It contains instructions on how to build in all the target platform This site contains a lot of customized and optimized build. If you have a Pentium 4 or an Athlon XP, try one of the builds marked G7/SSE2, they are unbelievably faster.
Gemal.DK Instruction on how to build Mozilla products using the free Mingw/GCC compiler.
TierMann Building Firefox using the Microsoft FREE (unbelievable!!) Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
MozillaZine Forums THE forums for Mozilla Fans....