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Marco Caselli
Here are a few of my favorite sites about programming. Check 'em out.

Cobol language Delphi C language Download page

Cobol language Top
SiteDescriptionLast check
COBCY - A free cross compiler for COBOL FREE cobol to C cross compiler. Unfinished but very good 22/03/2000
The COBOL center Lot of link to commercial and free compiler, book and everything inherit to COBOL. Very good site 22/03/2000
COBOL for linux Updated information about COBOL for Linux compilers 22/03/2000
COBOL Gold Mine EVERYTHING about COBOL 22/03/2000
All things COBOL ring Lots of link to COBOL site 22/03/2000

Delphi Top
SiteDescriptionLast check
Torry's Delphi Page My preferred one. Component and sample application. Clean interface, mirror available worldwide 9/6/2001
Delphi City New site. Not too many things, but very fastly growing. Amazing interface 9/6/2001
Borland The creators of Delphi 9/6/2001
Delphi32 Another good site 9/6/2001

C language Top
SiteDescriptionLast check
MingW GNU C/C++ free Compiler .
Open Watcom Open Source C/C++ and Fortan Compiler .
Microsoft Visual C 2003 Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 has gone free!!!! .
LCCWIN32 A compiler system for Win32 (98/ME/XP/2000/NT) .
DJGPP A free 32-bit development system for DOS .

If you find broken link or know some new good sites please E-mail me