Version History
03/12/2003 -- 0.6.0
       - No more ODBC. New version uses only native Client Access API, for
         improved speed, very better error control and easier configuration.
         (for DELPHI developers, I have switched to DBExpress technology)
       - Editing data in the Table form now works very better
       - Some others code optimizations and cleanups.
       - Generate ILE Cobol copy (with handling of DATE, TIME, FLOAT and VARCHAR
         field). You could activate this feature in the Config Form.
       - Fixed some confusing descriptive text
       Side Effect
          - Due to inclusion of new API library executable is quite bigger....
          - to improve speed and reduce network traffic, if you edit data in the
            table form, a secondary connection will be opened (only another one)

01/10/2003 -- 0.5.0     TOP
       - You could save the result of a query as an AS/400 files or print a report. (this feature use QMQRY)
       - You could now open the field list as a "sidebar" in the Query Form with also drag&drop support
       - Fixed a LOT of bug in the excel export routines.
       - Fixed Tab order in almost all forms (not so important but very annoying)  
       - Redesigned a lot of internal code (now it's more "object oriented")
       - Added sintax highlighting for COBOL Copy
       - Made some small change for new version of synedit and sqlparser 
             (only someone crazy like me will use beta components in a beta program)
20/08/2003 --     TOP
       - Bugfixes - system name garbage for system name longer than 10 chars
                  - SQL parser crash in complex query statement
01/06/2003 -- 0.4.2     TOP
       - I've been very busy in the last months and I was thinking on leaving
           this project, but after seeing that the application home page has been
            visited about 2500 times (!!) in the last 6 month, I've decided to go on
            with development. Thanks for every appreciation I've received.

       - Added a new sql parser
       - switched syntax and highlighting thing to SynEdit
       - added some code completion capabilities to Sql Editor.
           pressing Ctrl+SpaceBar you will have a list of all keywords,
           Pressing Ctrl+F you will have a list of fields for every table on
                 your Query (Experimental, not really perfect but so USEFUL!!)
       - some little other bugfixes

25/02/2003 -- 0.4.0     TOP
      - Added capability to retrieve SQL source from a QRYDFN objects
      - Added Beautifier to SQL Editor
      - Added "Prepare"  to SQL Editor (You can check sintax without executing...)
      - Fixed some bugs with history tab in Query form
      - Added Filter to history in Query form
      - Added "Sort By Columns" in table data
      - Added support for SQL or SYSTEM naming convention on ODBC configuration

15/01/2003 -- 0.3.2     TOP
      - Mostly internal changes and bug fixes
      - Moved every text constants in resource files. This should make
        a future localization easier

07/01/2003 -- 0.3.1     TOP
      - I am back from vacation
      - Fixed some bug on dds retrieval
      - Added capability of creating table in the DDS way
02/12/2002 -- 0.3.0     TOP
      - lot of bug fixes on visual query builder support
      - new export component (new format excel,word,rtf,sylk and lot more)
      - no more export to dbf (for now)
      - now you can export result of visual query builder
      - Create table now seems to work...

21/11/2002 --     TOP
      - Added "Save to HTML files" in Query window
      - Added Save/Load Query command to query windows
      - Added beta create table support
      - Added Clone table command
      - Added Quick Report to SQL Windows

31/10/2002 --     TOP
      - Added Visual Query Builder
      - Added Remote Command capability
      - Added support for logging of command and SQL sended to AS/400
      - Added "Save to CSV files" in Query window
      - Added "Save to DBF files" in Query window
      - Redesigned Code generation for adding comments to field and a preliminary
        support for new table creation (maybe in version 0.3)
      - Added Search function for files in current library
      - New "Extended info" tab for information about select/omit fields
      - Added History for SQL in Query windows
      - Added support for DML SQL in query window (rows affected display)
      - Added View Source Command for member in AS/400 Source Physical File
      - Added Decode packed field to data window, it's very buggy at the moment :-(
      - and also "some" bug fixes

11/09/2002 --     TOP
      - Added key retrieval for logical file
      - Added support for float field
      - About form now with system info

03/09/2002 --     TOP
      - New MDI interface (a lot more clean interface)
      - Preliminary free SQL window
      - Create New Table function
      - Added "Drop Object" function
      - bug fixes in source extraction
      - Partial support for date and time fields
      - update look (toolbar, hint, icons)
      - new splash screen image

22/08/2002 --     TOP
      - Bug fixes (really a lot..)
      - added interface to control panel for ODBC
      - added splash screen

19/07/2002 --     TOP
      - Bug fixes
      - added source upload
      - added configuration form

15/07/2002 --     TOP
      - First Release
      - only support for char, zoned and packed field